A Funeral Pricing Page Case Study

In this article I will discuss the advantages of having a Funeral Pricing page displaying funeral costs.

I will present a case study of an independent funeral director demonstrating the concept of price transparency as a positive move. We have worked with W.S Taylor funeral directors to create a new online pricing page and cost calculator  answering the question of prices comprehensively on his website.

Why an Online Funeral Pricing Page is a Positive Step

Independent funeral directors would generally maintain that their charges are lower than those of large chains therefore publishing funeral prices online has the potential to be a positive move in favour of smaller independent businesses.

Web users will always look for an indication of prices when researching any product or service online but they won’t necessarily always choose the cheapest. Quality counts and the fear of ‘buyers remorse’ is equally as strong as the fear of overpaying. Displaying your prices openly online is not about being the cheapest, it’s no secret that the winner of that race ultimately goes out of business.

The best way of ensuring that your website visitors will stay on your website longer and think seriously about contacting you is to be honest, transparent, and helpful. The opposite also applies; avoiding the ‘elephant in the room’ question of prices will only result in a sharp exit from your website.

A Breakdown of Charges

This pricing page comprehensively addresses three important elements:

  1. Package prices
  2. A Breakdown of costs
  3. Bespoke estimate option

Funeral Pricing

The epitome of transparency is providing a breakdown of the many elements that may contribute towards the total cost of a funeral. It was documented in the recent CMA investigation that some large chain funeral companies were less than transparent when it came to the various costs that determine the final cost to a consumer.

This is your opportunity to differentiate your business, there can be no better USP than honesty and transparency.

Funeral Pricing Packages

funeral pricing

Many funeral directors choose to offer fixed price packages; these can be extremely helpful to consumers allowing them to compare at a glance between your different service options. From a marketing perspective, ‘packages’ can be an effective way of presenting your services.

The Bespoke Estimate Option

funeral cost calculator

We all know that every funeral is different, quite often a family may be interested in a particular funeral ‘package’ but find that it doesn’t exactly match what they have in mind. A bespoke option running alongside fixed price options will ensure that you have covered all bases, the fixed price options can provide a good starting point for a family to subsequently go on to choose specific items that they would like to include.

The new online cost calculator allows the website visitor to build a bespoke estimate with price details emailed to the client and the funeral director.

Your Marketing Advantage

We mentioned earlier how pricing packages can be an effective marketing asset for your business. Make no mistake, the whole subject of displaying funeral prices on your website represents a marketing opportunity that you would be wise to embrace.

A dedicated ricing page on your website with the application of basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can drastically increase your chances of being found in Google searches in your community. ‘Cost’ and ‘prices’ are amongst the most frequently searched topics related to any product or service. If you have a page that addresses the question of funeral prices you are ensuring that you will stand a good chance of being found, below you can see three elements of a page that meets basic SEO requirements:

  1. Page URL – the page should have a search engine friendly name that leaves a search engine in doubt about the nature of this page.
  2. Navigation menu title – making it clear to users and search engines where this page can be found
  3. Page Heading (H1) – search engines look for the main search term in the main page heading

funeral prices seo

Online Funeral Pricing Summary

In summary, after reading this article, you should have an understanding of the benefits of displaying your prices on your website, you should be clear about how you can effectively do this, understand topics you can include and how you can use this to be found online.

Find out more about online funeral pricing on our website here https://www.funeraldirectorwebsites.co.uk/funeral-cost-calculator-and-pricing-lists/.

And here on the Social Media Examiner website: https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/5-reasons-your-content-marketing-must-address-price/

More about the CMA investigation into funeral pricing in SAIF Insight https://saifinsight.co.uk/cma-the-story-so-far/

You can take a look at the case study page here:

Funeral Costs

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