Banana Leaf Coffin Funeral – Do You Do It?

I had a conversation a while ago with a friend about a banana leaf coffin funeral. My account of the chat might change how you think about the value of your company website. It could open your eyes to the opportunity to use your website more effectively. The person I was speaking to knows nothing about websites or online marketing and even less about the funeral business. She was looking at things simply from the perspective of a family member arranging a funeral.

Banana Leaf Coffin

Banana Leaf Coffin

This story hinges on the fact that families are asking questions every day concerning bereavement and funerals.

The Banana Leaf Coffin Funeral Story

I was chatting to my friend and happened to mention that I specialised in building websites for funeral directors and helping them to market and grow their business through online marketing. My friend responded; ‘Really? I didn’t know, that’s very interesting.’  ‘Well’ she went on, ‘I know nothing about the funeral business but I do have some recent experience to share with you. Earlier this year my family went through a sad bereavement and needed to arrange a funeral, we chose the funeral director by going onto Google and searching for ‘banana leaf coffin funeral Durham’ and ‘biodegradable coffin funeral Durham’. From this research we called one funeral director who appeared in the search results and ultimately, that was who we asked to arrange the funeral.’

She went on:

‘Probably, he wasn’t the only funeral director in the area who could provide what we wanted but we found him and looked through his website to learn more. We were satisfied he was trustworthy and then called him. Following a chat we were happy to go ahead and subsequently did that.’

You Have The Answer

Regarding funerals, questions are directed at one of two targets, one of whom is an expert on funerals and the other who know nothing about funerals. Questions are either directed at you the funeral director or at Google.

Within your funeral business there is a wealth of experience surrounding the matter of funerals. The knowledge and experience of the proprietors and staff quite often spans generations and is not something that should be under estimated. People will ask you or they will ask Google, it’s often the case these days that they ask Google. Where does Google get the info from? From you if you so wish! Or to be more specific Google will get it from your website pages and then rank those pages on relevance.

So there you have it, people will either ask you the question or they will ask Google, does Google know anything about funerals? Google knows nowt about funerals, Google is a technology company. But what google does know is how, within seconds to find someone who knows a lot about funerals. That may be you or it may be somebody else, that quite frankly is up to you. You and your staff know what the questions are, you answer them every single day. The choice is yours as to whether you decide to be the person that is found in your area when that specific question is directed at Google.

Funerals and Content Marketing – Do You Get It?

The example I’ve described illustrates the simplicity yet the potential – if you ‘get it’.  There are countless examples from other industries where the ‘They ask – we answer’ model is being used by normal businesses in any and every field to garner enquiries by simply regularly writing website content based upon questions that customers are asking every day.

One of the biggest accountancy companies in the UK have grown their business using this model and they are happy to tell you about that whilst also telling you that they are not SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) experts. Similarly the biggest supplier of outdoor swimming pools in the US have become successful by doing the same. There are terms to describe the ‘Banana Leaf Coffin Funeral’ example; the concept is known as ‘content marketing, or ‘inbound marketing’. The term ‘inbound marketing’ illustrates the change in consumer buying habits. People are no longer happy to spend their money as a result of ‘outbound’ advertising and sales people. Consumers are now empowered by their mobile phone, tablet or PC to find and research the best solution.

The current status quo applies to any business and any business can benefit from it. Most won’t do it because they don’t ‘get it’, those who do will reap the dividends.

*Banana Leaf Coffin Funeral Image courtesy of Thorley Smith Ltd