Bereavement Support on Your Website

Bereavement Support on Your Website is an Appropriate Resource for the Bereaved

One of the greatest pain points of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has been bereaved people faced with the previously unimaginable reality of not being able to attend the funeral of a loved one. The traditional custom of gathering with friends and family has been sadly denied leaving behind an emotional void, the consequences of which may not yet be fully appreciated.

Throughout society accepted norms have been quickly replaced with new ways of living and working. Digital solutions, rather than being the domain of the trendy young things, have become a necessity in helping people to retain a semblance of emotional and social contact.

When Zoom Became a Thing

Technologies such as FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, Houseparty and others have become household brand names having experienced an upsurge in demand as people look for new ways to keep in touch.

A visit to the 2019 National Funeral Exhibition, before this situation was possibly imagined, will have brought home to many visitors the growing number of digital services surrounding funerals. Perhaps though, when we’re thinking of providing bereavement support digitally, the simplest starting point is nothing more complicated than for a funeral director to provide helpful information about bereavement and the support available. 

Valuable Resources Through the Funeral Directors Own Website

Of course, a funeral director is not a bereavement counsellor, he or she is however experienced in supporting the bereaved. A funeral director is often a conduit for specialist support by inviting experts to contribute advice, articles and resources on the funeral directors own website. This is wholly appropriate and yet another opportunity to more fully realise the potential for the company website, making it so much more than a predictable and sterile set of words and pages. 

Bereavement Support on Your Website as Part of a Content Strategy

Expanding your website by adding helpful and useful information about bereavement support should not involve significant cost and would ideally be part of an overall content strategy for your website whereby you update regularly with new content providing a rich source of information to visitors.

Your Website Content Strategy

Resources and Potential Guest Articles

As well as organisations offering support in your local area you can signpost bereaved families to the organisations below, you may also find that many of these organisations may be willing to provide articles by their bereavement experts for you to add to your website.


GriefChat was founded in 2017 in response to the long waiting times experienced by many bereaved people who are trying to find support for themselves or for their bereaved family members or friends. Using the latest technology, GriefChat instantly connects grieving people through your own website to professional bereavement counsellors.



Provided by SAIF members SAIFCare is supported by GriefChat, created by bereavement experts, people are able to  chat directly to a specially trained bereavement counsellor.



Winston’s Wish

The Freephone National Helpline is free to call on 08088 020 021 and offers therapeutic advice following a bereavement. Bereavement support for parents, carers and professionals who are looking for childhood bereavement advice and support. 

Cruse Bereavement Care 

The Bereavement Advice Centre 


The Compassionate Friends 

Dr Bill Webster 

Dr Bill Webster has been involved in grief support and counselling for over 30 years. He has written extensively for professionals and caregivers in the field, and shares from his library with fresh insights into the issues of the day in the field of grief support. 

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