Bringing You Peace of Mind Online

Bringing You Peace of Mind Online

Sad but true, many funeral directors lose sleep over their website.

We all know that the Internet can be a scary place with hackers constantly prowling the web looking for poor security to exploit.

That's why we are fanatical about best practices where security is concerned.

Work we do every week on your website

Systems & Security Administrator

We employ the services of highly experienced security expert Mark Foxx to care for our customers websites.

Software Updates

Using our client dashboard Mark logs in every Friday, checks all websites and applies updates as required. (out of date software is one of the major causes of security breaches).

Uptime Monitoring

Using a purpose built 24/7 monitoring system, Mark flags an alert when there are any real time or potential upcoming issues. Using our dedicated Slack channel, alerts are issued as they arise and ongoing weekly reports are issued every Friday.

Below I've shared with you some recent reports demonstrating the work going on in the background to maintain your web presence.


Behind the Scenes - Sample Reports from Our Security Expert

November 11th

This weeks updates are now complete, there were 60 plugin updates in total this week with the majority of these being Yoast SEO, Google Analytics and Astra Pro, along with this were the usual number of smaller site specific updates.
Overall none of the plugin updates look to be of any issues but I'll be monitoring to be sure.
The MainWP dashboard site was also updated to the latest WordPress 6.1.
I've also checked the XX site and the PHP warning is no longer showing which is excellent. Do you know if this was a PHP version issue? Always good to keep a record in case something similar occurs on another site in future!

November 25th

This weeks updates are now complete there were 60 in total this week.

These were mainly Ultimate Addons, MainWP Child and Under Construction with the remaining being individual updates to a range of site specific plugins.

Overall nothing looks to be of any issue but as usual I'll be monitoring.

Good to hear everything went well with the migrations - the monitoring system has seen a significant reduction in response time for some of the sites too which is always good for load speed.

December 16th

This weeks updates are now complete - there were 113 updates this week with the majority being made of MainWP Child, Beaver Build, Yoast SEO, Wordfence and Google Analytics.
The remaining are the usual site specific updates from smaller plugins but overall nothing looks to be of any issue.

Helping You to Stay Within the Law

Every funeral director is now duty bound to make sure that their website complies with current regulation. That may be Content & Marketing Authority requirements or the FCA regulation of pre-paid funeral plans.

Funeral Director Websites have you covered, many of our clients choose to send us updates as required which we carry out for a small admin fee. Alternatively, clients who are happy to be more 'hands on' can use our easy to use page editing system to make their own updates. We support use of our CMS with video tutorials.


Website Hosting

All website hosting is not equal and cheap hosting will always have consequences. That may be slow loading pages which not only frustrate website visitors but also impact adversely on Google page ranking.

Funeral Director Websites use top quality web hosting with Siteground, one of the most reputable providers in the world.

Find our more about our hosting environment here.

Funeral Director Websites - where quality counts.

If you have questions about our Website Care Plan or if you would like help with your website please feel free to get in touch with Gerry King at Funeral Director Websites.

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