Can a Funeral Director Get Customers With Content Marketing?

Let’s explain what we mean by ‘Content Marketing’. Content Marketing is the publication of helpful information in any medium i.e. written, images, video, audio etc that is relevant and helpful to your prospective customers.

As Internet users we have come to expect that if relevant information exists on the web answering our question then Google will find it when we hit ‘search’. As businesses we can predict customers questions and answer them on our website. Google will do the rest.

Quality content is an important way of connecting with buyers to build trust and although this requires time and effort, most of us can do it by simply answering customer questions on our website.

Put Yourself in the Shoes of Your Customers

When writing, ask yourself if you would read this content above the other information that’s out there. The more ‘niche’ the audience and topic are the greater the chances of success.

SEO – Search engine optimisation can be scary, but it doesn’t need to be. Give Google the basic clues needed to find your content and you’ll most likely be found naturally if it’s relevant to searches. Basic on page SEO is little more than framing your article with an appropriate title and then repeating the search term in key areas throughout.

Can Content Marketing Work for a Funeral Director?

Probably more so than paid for advertising if it’s genuine and helpful to prospective customers and matched with a level of integrity. Does your website content meet the ‘They ask, we answer’ model?  You can get and keep customers by following this Marcus Sheridan approach to gaining trust.

Can a Funeral Director Get Customers with Content Marketing? – A Case Study

RW Barrett & Son Funeral Services have successfully embraced content marketing with relevant articles on their blog. They rank on page 1 of Google for many searches terms including for example: ‘Is my money safe in a funeral plan?’. How many questions can you think of that are asked in your business every day in relation to funerals?

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