A Message to Our Customers – Coronavirus Notices On Your Website

In light of updates from the main trade associations and following conversations with several funeral directors we’re reaching out to all of our customers with free support.

We see a need for you to prioritise online communication with the families you serve in a timely and sustainable manner and have come up with a solution that we hope will address both your immediate and ongoing requirement.

As you know, advice for funeral directors is being published by NAFD/SAIF and government regarding procedures. In addition to that, you will be faced with your own circumstances concerning your staff and local arrangements.

For those reasons you can provide me with your own notice, preferably in a Word document which I’ll be happy to post on you website. Andrew Crowley has kindly agreed that you can use his notice as a template from which to draft your own individual version if you wish. (see below)

This solution is being provided free of charge to our customers, is sustainable for us and will avoid any unwanted costs for your business.

We will:

  • Set up a blog facility on your website or use the existing blog
  • Create a Coronavirus blog category news feed where all updates can be posted
  • Add a prominent button on your home page leading to the news feed
  • Add the first notice for you
  • Provide a simple tutorial video explaining how you can use this on an going basis to post updates yourself
  • If you would like to have this set up on your website please email me at gerry@i-netco.co.uk with your first notice in a Word document attachment.

We have set this up for our client Andrew Crowley which you can refer to as a working example https://www.adcrowleyfunerals.co.uk/

As time goes on, with the possibility of you being increasingly pressurised by events, you will be able to avoid ambiguity and the need to repeatedly explain procedures in detail.  You will have the option to refer people to the notice on your website.

Thank you, I hope you and your staff get through the challenges of the upcoming weeks in one piece.

Gerry King