Effective Content Marketing for Funeral Directors

Content Marketing for Funeral Directors is the thing that will differentiate your services from others online, it’s your own unique website content that answers the questions people are searching for.

Content marketing is educational, not promotional

Whilst being found for the search term ‘funeral director mytown’ may be the number one goal, it’s a mistake to believe that this is enough or that not achieving this spells disaster; there are many other ways of attracting website visits through helpful information.

Attracting visitors to your website and gaining the trust of those people is not therefore a one-dimensional affair. Online searches are ever more specific and the thought processes of people seeking information are as complex as the thoughts and ideas that pop into our own heads on any given day.

To address those online questions take a top down approach, write articles that answer the most obvious questions first and then variations on those questions.

Content marketing is ‘marketing not sales’

Why go to the bother of doing this? You want your business to be at the top of the search results. Answering people’s questions on your website is the way to make this happen. More website visitors will be gained and you’ll provide a better experience for those visitors, leading to greater trust and increased enquiries.

Content Marketing for Funeral Directors – Proof of Concept

This isn’t a guessing game; we know from anonymous Google Analytics visitor statistics that the Content Marketing approach works.

The image on the left below shows an example of the most popular pages on a client website where we provided Content Marketing training. The image on the right, showing actual search terms used when another website is being found via search, demonstrates the value of adding a wide range of information.

Search Data

What kind of content? Here are some possible topics, there are many more!

○      Cremation

○      Coffins

○      Funeral location

○      Pre-paid funeral plans

○      Memorial register/cards

○      Funeral announcements

○      Donations

○      Transport

○      Eulogy

○      Obituary

○      Death certificate

○      Songs

○      Readings

○      Poetry

○      Catering

○      Venue

○      Urns

○      Coffins

○      Burial plot

○      Music

○      Hymns

○      Flower arrangements

Website Content Mind Map

Our Website Content Mind Map graphic demonstrates how just one topic, ‘Funeral readings’ can give rise to many more helpful and search engine friendly articles.

Marketing Framework Mind Map

The Mobile Revolution

The way that your content is consumed has changed, Mobile Search Data below demonstrates the revolution that has taken place regarding mobile phones, notice how there are slightly less impressions on mobile but more clicks representing an opportunity to attract more website visits with a mobile responsive website.

Search Data Mobile

Benefiting from the opportunity of content marketing need not be a daunting task, you can build content up gradually by adding new articles on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

By adding new content, you will be establishing an online asset for your business that has the potential to be found in searches and prove helpful to visitors for many years into the future.

Find out more about content marketing on our blog and at the Content Marketing Institute

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