Feed the Google Hound for Funeral Niche SEO Results

Of all of the business and marketing books I’ve read there’s one and specifically one chapter in the How to Make Millions Without a Degree by Simon Dolan that has struck a lasting chord with me more than any other with regard to funeral director marketing.

The story is a real world account of huge success achieved step by step. When you feed the Google Hound with content for funeral niche related SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Results it can be a basis for genuine growth in website traffic and more enquiries from your website.

Niche SEO Results

The point of this article is that the author I quote is not a marketer, he tells the story of using online marketing to build a business from the perspective of a layman.

He isn’t an expert on SEO. He is however a businessman and a successful one at that. He started with nothing and went on to build and sell a multi million pound accountancy practice.

How to Market Your Business for Free and Feed the Google Hound for Funeral Niche SEO Results

How to Market Your Business for Free is the title of chapter 10 in the book How to Make Millions Without a Degree. Dolan describes this chapter as the ‘secret sauce’ of his book. He ‘got’ content marketing way before the term was invented and has simplified the concept to the degree that he recommends that all you need to do is ‘write stuff and make web pages’. That’s what his company does and the similarity between this approach and the successful marketer Marcus Sheridan is striking bearing in mind that neither of them are likely to be aware of the others existence.  The approach is in essence ‘They ask – you answer’. SJD Accountancy, according to Dolan at the time of writing, had a marketing budget of practically nil yet they built a huge web presence and attract a million visitors per year to their website which consists of 3000 web pages.

98% of Internet Activity Consists of Customer Research

It follows therefore that only 2% are actually ready to buy, planning your funeral business web marketing with only the 2% in mind is not going to cut it, which incidentally is what a lot of funeral directors are doing with Pay Per Click advertising . The other 98% however may well go on to become one of the 2% tomorrow, next week or next year and who will they buy from? Most likely someone who has proved to be helpful and trustworthy when they were browsing earlier. Those people who couldn’t be bothered to create helpful content are unlikely to be considered.

All of us, when we do our research with Google do so because we want to be in control, we want to know more about what we’re buying before we talk to a funeral director. We want to have the conversation on more equal terms and to feel the power of being informed.

If you want to achieve funeral related SEO results then think, talk and write about topics that you already know people have questions in relation to funerals. Don’t write as if it’s an advert, customers don’t want adverts they want answers.

Where do you start with this? Simon Dolan started by writing an 80 page guide for people thinking about becoming IT contractors to target Niche SEO results in his companies specialist field. That became the basis of his company website. Take a look at SJD Accountancy, you’ll see page after page of helpful information.

A million people a year use the SJD Accountancy website for research, when they decide to finally sign up with an accountant who do you reckon will be the favourite? Here are the two standards recommended in the book:

  • Write good articles
  • Set the page up so that Google can easily find it when people are searching

Let’s look a little more closely at those two points:

Set the page up so that Google can easily find it when people are searching 

One of the key factors in setting the page up correctly is the page title which in WordPress becomes the URL , for instance the title of this article is ‘Feed the Google Hound for Niche SEO Results’. My keywords for this article ‘Funeral Niche SEO Results’ are contained within that title and therefore the URL.

Write good articles

We’re not on a spamming mission here. The content of the article needs to be relevant to the page title and it needs to be of the best possible quality. Google and your readers will pick up on that.

Here are a list of recommendations from Simon Dolan about how you should be writing in order to please both Google and your readers:

  1. Write like you talk
  2. Just answer the question
  3. Talk to your customers
  4. Organise your answer and stay focused
  5. Use short sentences
  6. Get somebody else to proof read it
  7. Be helpful
  8. Judge your audience so your text suits them

For each of those recommendations the book goes into more depth to expand on the idea as does the entire chapter, what you have here is just a snapshot of a book that I believe should be required reading for any funeral business owner. You can get the book here How to Make Millions Without a Degree.

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  1. Andrew and Pete on April 20, 2017 at 12:18 pm

    Great Blog Gerry! There’s a massive opportunity for everyone these days no matter how big or small you are 🙂

  2. Gerry King on April 20, 2017 at 4:24 pm

    Thanks Andrew and Pete! And there’s plenty of people out there for inspiration who are proving what can be done 🙂