Funeral Announcements on Your Website – An Essential Service

Would you like to provide your community with a service they will regularly use and appreciate?

Do you want to consistently drive significantly more people to your website making you 'top of mind' in your community?

If the answer to both of those questions is 'yes' then the solution is funeral announcements on your website not Google Adwords or online directories who take a cut.

Our statistics show, regular and up to date information on your website about funerals you are conducting work. Based upon hard statistics funeral announcements on your website have now become an essential service.

The Case for Funeral Director Content Marketing

Content Marketing is about making sure people are aware of your services before they are ready to make a purchasing decision so that when the time comes they'll think of you first. Funeral announcements on your website are the essence of content marketing, or as otherwise known 'inbound marketing'. Inbound as opposed to 'outbound' i.e you're not pushing a leaflet through their door or phoning them up. They are actively seeking the information on your website.

Our website visitor statistics tell us that funeral announcements are the most searched for and the most visited content on a funeral director website. These should be *truly integrated on your website to achieve maximum search engine optimisation.

*By 'truly integrated' we mean that the announcement details should be on your website as opposed to linked to an external page on a portal that is styled to make it look the same as your website.

Funeral Announcements - Proven by Google Analytics

Announcements page views comparison - The announcements page always drives up visitor numbers and is always the most visited page (Occasionally other than the Home page.)

Scroll through to see the results - time after time!

Positive Google Ranking Results

Announcements ranking result

Announcements ranking result - Fleming and Cuthbert are an example of a company doing well online. A search for the business brings up their announcements page at the top of results - even ahead of their Home page - Google demonstrating how often people are looking for funeral announcements.

Google suggested searches F and C

'Google suggested searches' makes suggestions based upon most popular searches i.e. what you might be looking for taking into account the most common searches. The three most popular for Fleming & Cuthbert are all announcement related.

Funeral Plan Sales

The gains to be made from having funeral announcements on your website has relevance to funeral plan sales.

From a marketing perspective, gaining more website visitors and more brand awareness in the community has potential for a positive effect on all of your services including funeral plan sales, especially if you have prominent, in-depth information on your website about the service you provide.

Much Loved

Funeral Director Websites recommend the Much Loved Funeral Announcements website integration - they have consistently proved to be the leader in the field.