Funeral Notices and Donations – Live Streaming Links and Excluding a Funeral Date/Location

We have kindly been provided with the following information from MuchLoved in support of the prevailing coronavirus (COVID-19) situation with regard to Funeral Notices and Donations – Live Streaming Links and Excluding a Funeral Date/Location:

We understand that the current situation with coronavirus (COVID-19) and the new restrictions on funerals mean that you might need to display additional information on funeral notices, such as live streaming links.
The restrictions might also limit the need to display the funeral date and/or location.

Funeral notices can easily be modified to include or exclude any relevant details as described below:

Live Streaming Links

Live streaming links can be included in the ‘Funeral message’ section and will then appear directly on your website under the relevant funeral notice.

Excluding a Funeral Date and/or Location

If you do not want the funeral date and/or location to display (but you still wish people to be able to add messages of condolence to the tribute and make in-memory donations) then simply do the following:

Funeral message: include any special instructions or messages in the ‘Funeral message’ section.
Date of funeral: use a date several weeks in advance as the notice will disappear from the ‘Upcoming Funerals’ section on your website once the date is past.
Donation instructions: add the charity/organisation as usual.
Service details: simply tick ‘The service is private’ box (see below) so that the date and location do not display.

At this time, please be assured that MuchLoved is fully operational with all our Technical, Support & Account Management Teams working from home and here to help you and your families.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with your Account Manager if you need any help or assistance.
You can also call the MuchLoved Support Team on 01494 722818 or email

Note: voicemail messages are automatically sent to us by email, so do leave a message and we will call you back.