Funeral prices on your website – yes or no?

Funeral Prices on Your Website

Increasing news coverage of funeral prices investigation as part of the Competition and Markets Authority review of funerals can be perceived either as a positive or a negative within the profession. For those forward-thinking businesses choosing to take the positive viewpoint an opportunity exists to preempt outcomes by proving transparency in pricing policies on their website.

To the general public the cost of a funeral can be a mystery. Many people don’t understand what goes into the costs and may worry they’re going to be overcharged if pricing seems less than transparent.

How do you react as a consumer if you can't find cost and pricing information on a website? Would you agree that it's usually one of the first things you look for on a website?

Funeral Cost Search Trends

Funeral Cost Search Trends 2018

Are people bouncing off your website?

One of the key metrics for Google Analytics visitor statistics shown in the diagram below is ‘bounce rate’.

bounce rate
bounce rate

Bounce Rate

How long do you hang around on a website if there's no mention of pricing? Do you keep on trawling through the website and if you can't find prices do you then call the them?

Probably not, instead you get frustrated. You quickly ‘bounce’ back to the search results and find another website that addresses the question of price. Often the owner of that website will be the one who gets your trust, the phone call and often the business. This is how we are as buyers, searchers and consumers today.

Some typical reasons for not publishing funeral prices on a website:

  • You don’t want competitors to know your funeral prices
    • The fact is your competitors already have a good idea what you charge, as you do of them. Effective marketing focuses 100% on customers.
  • Because every funeral is different
    • Most consumers know cost will vary depending upon the services/items they choose. Publishing price options demonstrates integrity by helping the customer make and be responsible for informed choices.
  • A reluctance to put potential customers off if the prices are more than they want to spend
    • It's more likely that you will put people off by not discussing price on your website. The one item that generates more searches, website visits, leads and customers is information about price.

How to address funeral pricing on your website

Attractive pricing content

  • Discuss the market - Write about what people will find across a range of companies. People are seeking clarity, cost is part of that however not everyone is interested solely in finding the cheapest funeral prices.
  • What determines cost? - Explain the components of a funeral cost that can drive the price up or down, why the cheapest are cheap and why the most expensive are expensive. What factors influence cost?
  • Where do you stand? - Discuss your own company’s philosophy on pricing. 'Within this range we are here, and this is why. This is where we stand'.
  • Explain costs that are beyond your control - such as cremation and burial.
  • Itemise your costs options - Items that people can choose to include or leave out as they wish.
  • Video - Include an explainer video on your website for the benefit of people who prefer that format, this will also be more shareable than text content therefore a more effective marketing asset. Make the video factual as opposed to ‘salesey’.
  • Price Calculator - Include self-selection pricing so people can configure their own package with an approximate cost. Self-selection is not just the future of the digital buying experience, it’s the present!

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