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In this article I report on the CMA Funerals Market Order 2021 regarding publication of Standardised Price Lists and provide live examples. Before updating your funeral costs page it will be worthwhile reviewing the CMA order to avoid unnecessary time or costs amending content 2 or 3 times. The order requires pricing in PDF format as shown on the examples below.

SAIF webinar - CMA Pricing Order 27th July 2021

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CMA Funerals Market Order 2021 Document:

'When a Funeral Director displays the Standardised Price List on its
website(s), it must do so in a PDF titled ‘Standardised Price List’. This PDF
must be displayed on a page no more than one click away from the
homepage, with any link to that page prominently labelled on the homepage
so the nature of the information to which it leads is clear.'

Page 7:

Funeral Directors price, commercial information and transparency

3 Price information for Customers
(1) A Funeral Director must display the following price information in a clear
and prominent manner within each of its Branches if it has any Branches,
and on its website(s) if it has any website(s):
(a) The Standardised Price List.
(b) The Additional Options Price List.
(c) The price information provided to it by Crematorium Operators in
accordance with Article 8.
(2) Subject only to Article 3(3), a Funeral Director must display and supply, in
accordance with the requirements of Article 3, the Standardised Price List
using the exact terms and structure set out in Part A of Schedule 1 to this

) If a Funeral Director offers Attended Funerals, it must display a separate
price for each of the six listed items of the CMA Attended Funeral on the
Standardised Price List and the associated CMA Attended Funeral Price,
which corresponds to the sum of those items.

For guidance SAIF have provided an example here:

Funeral Director Websites have created something similar for a client here: (There are further amendments to made to the 'About Funeral Pricing' page).

You will see for example on the Tonks Bothers website that both the Standardised Price List and the Full Price List are:

  1. 'no more than one click away from the
    homepage' and...
  2. ' a PDF titled ‘Standardised Price List'

Additional Options - You will note from the CMA document that 'Additional Options' are to be included in the Standardised Price List document.

A PDF price list can be created by using an appropriate Word Document template and saving this as a PDF. You are welcome to use our Word Document here however we are not responsible for any errors or omissions. You should check your completed document against the CMA example provided in the link above.

Mobile Devices and CMA Compliance

In order to remove any doubt of compliance we have found it necessary to also include links from within the Home page content. This is to ensure compliance is also achieved in the case of mobile devices where navigation structure can change as a result of inherent responsive features.

Best Practice

Web Design best practice requires that important pages are included on the navigation menu to aid accessibility and UX (User Experience).

The solution is to include buttons on the Home page linking to the price lists and links on the navigation menu therefore ensuring CMA compliance and appropriate UX and Accessibility.

Get things right first time

The funeral profession is being subjected to unprecedented regulations, Funeral Director Websites will do everything possible to help clients see a clear path ahead, avoid unnecessary work and get things right first time.

*The information in this article is our best understanding of the CMA regulations at the time of writing. The official document runs to a total of 30 pages and I'm sure many funeral directors up and down the land have it number one on their list of preferred bed time reading.

In the meantime, you'll appreciate that this article has only scratched the surface. We have summarised briefly for the sake of clarity, please satisfy yourself on what is required by referring to the CMA document and following the advice of your respective trade organisations should you be in any doubt.

CMA Funerals Market Order 2021 Standardised Price List Template

Word Document Template

CMA Funerals Market Order 2021 Standardised Price List - you can download the Word Document template below.

If you have questions about compliance with the CMA order or if you would like help with your website please feel free to get in touch with Gerry King at Funeral Director Websites.

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