Help People Dealing With Bereavement


The vast majority of people are not surfing the Internet to buy; they’re doing their homework. They’re researching, comparing, looking for information about whatever is going on in their life and in their head at a given moment and sometimes they are looking for anwers to questions surrounding dealing with bereavement. It may relate to the death of a loved one or it may be that they are thinking about making plans for themselves i.e. funeral planning. Certainly the take up of Pre-Payment Funeral plans is increasing and we can be sure beyond doubt that this is being researched online.

Answer Their Questions

The challenge when putting information on your website is to get into your customers head and answer their questions be that to do with funeral pre-payment plans or some other aspect of bereavement. It’s reckoned that as many as 98% of people searching the internet are looking for answers and if we examine our own online behaviour it’s hard to argue with that. Something is troubling us or we have a decision to make so we Google it and bereavement is probably one of the most challenging and confusing things that we have to face up to.

Online searches often end up as frustrating exercises; we can go round in circles from one useless link to another until at best we get frustrated or at worst simply loose the will to live!

Help Them

So think from your prospective customers point of view, first and foremost help them. Decide what the questions are and give the answers and do it often so your website becomes a mine of information. Become an authority on the subject and do it in a search engine friendly way so that your ranking improves and you end up on page one. Do everything possible to make life easy for your customers when they’re searching, give them help, answer the questions and when the time comes for them to make a purchasing decision you’ll be in their mind.