Holistic Healing for Grief

Holistic Healing for Grief – Elaine Maughan

Grief is a natural process following the loss of someone or something important to us. It’s a coping mechanism that allows us to come to terms with what’s happened. Losing someone we love can be the most difficult thing that we have to live through and the experience of loss can trigger unhappy feelings that are hard to bear.

The ‘five stages of grief’ model was devised by Swiss psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler Ross as a way of expressing how and why ‘time heals’, or how ‘life goes on’ regardless of the individual’s journey through grief. Everyone experiences grief differently, however when people experience unresolved grief and find themselves becoming stuck at one of the five stages of the grief cycle (Denial, Bargaining, Anger, Depression and Acceptance), they may find that the healing process is interrupted and physical, mental or emotional problems such as depression, anger, guilt, stress, lack of sleep, fatigue, immune system suppression or chronic pain can manifest.

Holistic Approach

A holistic approach can help people who are experiencing loss and struggling to move on from the grief or trauma. Processing emotions in a safe and supportive environment can enable the individual to come to terms with their loss and reach a place of healing where they can return to living a joyful and positive life.

At Elemental Changes, every client is treated as a whole and the most effective healing modality for their symptoms is applied. Methods of holistic grief healing at Elemental Changes may include Hypnotherapy and NLP, natural energy healing and chakra balancing, guided imagery healing meditations, Eastern massage and other relaxation techniques.

Positive Solutions

Following a detailed consultation the client is given the space and time to acknowledge, and they are guided into a relaxed state where they are able to work through their grief or trauma, identify and process the emotions they are experiencing and recognise the steps needed to move forward to a more desirable state of being. The emphasis is on identifying healthy, positive solutions rather than focusing on the actual grief or traumatic event.

The healing may continue with energy work or massage to release blocks and open up to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This holistic approach allows the bereaved person to connect with their own inner guidance to identify unwanted thought processes, beliefs, behaviours and reach a state of acceptance which allows them to regain balance in their lives.

Elaine Maughan is an intuitive healer and holistic health expert, offering a range of natural and effective remedies that can help you overcome loss and restore inner harmony. She combines a unique blend of healing therapies including Reiki, Seichem, Hypnosis, NLP, Eastern Massage and Meditation to create individual and powerful healing programmes for each client. For more information call her on 07890 145194 or visit www.elementalchanges.co.uk