How a funeral director with more than one branch can make the most of a Google listing

What should a funeral director do with Google listing if you have two or more branches?

I had a heavy schedule ahead of me today which sometimes happens and it’s usually preceded by a restless night and not much sleep. Quite often these days my reaction to this to give up on hours of tossing and turning trying to sleep and instead get up and get started on whatever it is that’s keeping me awake.

As I mentioned earlier this morning was one of those mornings so up I got well before the alarm, put the kettle on and fired up the old laptop.

Number one on the ‘to do’ list was to address a problem a client had reported whereby the new Google map on his Contact page was showing the same location as the original office. What was even worse was the fact that the map was showing the location of one of his near competitors.

Google My Business for Funeral Directors

Google My Business listings are of major importance to local businesses, they’ll increase a funeral directors success online more than any other means of online advertising, if you have more than one branch it’s worth spending some time on this to maximise gains. Similarly, if you have a listing it’s worth getting some images on to it and asking your customers to, post testimonials on the reviews section.

This took a lot of sorting out to the extent that most of my early start was taken up addressing this issue, the root problem was that the new branch hadn’t been registered with Google My Business (formerly Google Places). Eventually Google will find and list your business but it’s recommended to shortcut the process and ask Google to list your business.

There does seem to be have been a shift in emphasis on Google’s behalf, they’re pro-active in promoting Google My Business as part of their laudable and incessant drive to deliver relevant search results. Consequently for the first time in my experience Google engaged with me in an email conversation to support us.

Two or More Branches?

If you already have claimed a listing for one branch what’s the protocol when you open a second? I had a similar experience with another client’s Google My Business page only a month or so earlier so I’ll leave that to Google to answer the question of ‘What should a funeral director do with Google listing if you have two branches?’

‘It was my pleasure helping you out with the page for his business!  As far as businesses having pages for multiple locations you need to be sure that there is an actual office that someone could walk into during open business hours or if it is set up by appointment and the second location is just where you meet then it would be best to just list that address information on the existing page.  His business can definitely have two pages if you would like since he has two offices, I just want to be sure that you guys know all of your options.  Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help you out!’

Caleb at Google

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