How Much Should a Funeral Directors Website Cost?

Is a Funeral Directors Website Cost or Investment?

In this article we ask the question: How much should a Funeral Directors Website cost? We also consider whether a website is a cost or an investment. Clearly this makes a huge difference. If the website is considered to be a cost then minimal effort or investment is called for to ensure that it performs to standard, if on the other hand the website is procured as an investment in the business then careful consideration would be sensible.

Spend nothing on marketing

There are certain business assets that are entirely optional and we can choose whether or not to outlay money in these areas. Marketing, advertising and a company website fall firmly into this bracket.

We have a choice, and if we choose NOT to spend money on a website then no one outside of our business will care. There will be no final demands, no threatening letters, no bailiffs knocking on the door demanding payment. Should we, therefore, conclude that the sensible option is to spend no money on a website? Perhaps we should conclude this if we're quite satisfied that our business will thrive in weeks, months and years to come without investment in online marketing and a website.

How often do you Google?

Bearing in mind that most of us rely on the internet on a daily basis to research and source all manner of purchases common sense would suggest that choosing not to invest wouldn't be a wise choice.

If the conclusion is that we should invest, how much then should we invest? This is a difficult question bearing in mind that most business owners are not marketing experts and find it difficult to make comparisons. Is a website just a website? If the cost of one is only £500 and another £5000 do we decide that the £5000 website would be a waste of £4500 when we can get a website for £500? And what about a £2500 website, is that the answer?

Choosing a web designer? Just compare features?

Let's say the solution is to establish a set of criteria for a website and compare like with like. If we could arrive at a standard set of subjective features then perhaps we could make a like for like comparison? For instance:

  • Domain name
  • 10 Pages
  • Contact form
  • Responsive on all devices
  • Email address
  • Attractive templates
  • Beautiful images
  • Text written for you

Or perhaps it's the case that the same set of standards delivered by two different companies would result in completely different outcomes? Perhaps the same set of standards would be delivered and followed with widely varying levels of customer service, expertise and experience resulting in different outcomes?

While a list of features has some merit there's no certainty that they will deliver the desired outcome. The website needs to be visible in search engines, engage visitors with helpful information and high standards of user experience and ultimately deliver enquiries from customers.

Fast turnaround - maximum profitability

Regardless of the features list we need to consider the extent that one provider compared to another delivers added value.

  • Is time spent understanding the thought process of prospective customers and preparing the website to engage with them? Or is it built for a fast turnaround and maximum profitability of the provider?
  • To what extent does the provider understand the unique nature of a funeral director's business? Has the provider invested time and care in achieving the necessary level of expertise?
  • Is the standard set of features prepared by someone with experience in technicalities of organic search engine optimisation, content marketing, website security and maintenance?

Every business is a people business

Your business has its own unique character, people, history and expertise. Is the effective portrayal of those assets included in the standard features list? Or would achieving that outcome, an outcome that is crucial to the successful conversion of visitors to customers, be too time consuming to fall within the remit?

In short, is your chosen web design company willing or able to devote the required investment of time into ensuring that your website delivers a return on your investment?

We want less

We occasionally have clients asking for less information on their website as someone told them the website was text heavy. While a modern website needs to be visual and ideally include video to engage customers that does not mark the end of text to satisfy search engines and visitors researching a purchase.

People are now conditioned to carry out their own due diligence, sometimes on the smallest of purchases. Where the purchase is of higher value, the amount of time and effort given to pre-purchase research increases proportionately.

Recommended minimum of 300 words. Why is text length important for SEO?

The image below shows technical analysis of a web page and highlights the minimum text length criteria.


 Funeral Directors Website Cost

Pages that contain minimal test content are likely to be considered of little value to users, and therefore ranked lower by search engines than comparable pages with more information.

More text enables search engines to determine what the page is about. From the more important perspective of your website visitors, a failure to give them the information they're seeking will encourage them to look elsewhere.

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