Next Steps to Your New Website

We're delighted that you are planning to work with Funeral Director Websites. We fully understand that your new website is a key advertising and marketing resource for your business and therefore a big decision.

Next Steps

Once you've made your decision, it's important that you know what will happen next and what you should expect. In this article we set out exactly those points.

Once you've completed your research by looking through our web design packages and browsed our portfolio examples and testimonials please email me at with your decision and any further questions.

Next Steps to Your New Website


1. A Call or a Zoom

If you would like to arrange a phone call or a Zoom meeting let me know and we'll get something in the diary that works for you.

2. Initial Information Gathering

This can be carried out before or after you have made your decision to go ahead, completing our short form comes with no obligation

Completing this can also be a useful exercise to help you gather your thoughts and about how your new website will take shape such as page names and branding.

You can take a look and complete the Getting Started Form Here

3. Planning and Research

Gathering website content? We have an online form to help with that. Please complete the form on the page

And again, this step can be very useful at the planning and research page to help you to get an idea of what is needed. It's also a great help to us in building a great website.

4. Domain Name

  • If you already have a domain name we will need access to that when your new website is ready to go live.
  • If you need a domain name let us know and we will advise you, Funeral Director Websites provide a free domain name with every new website.

5. Order Confirmation

Following confirmation of your order we will send you an invoice for 50% deposit.

50% balance will be due when your new website build is completed, signed off by you, and live online.

6. Build and Review

Once we've received your deposit payment, we set up your new website on our staging server. If you have an existing website, that will remain in place while we work on your new website.

We will consult with you as the website build progresses and give you an opportunity to review progress throughout until we reach the stage where you are happy to go live.

7. Going Live with Your New Website

Following your confirmation we will move the website live to your domain name for the world to appreciate.