Online Marketing for Funeral Directors

What exactly is marketing and how relevant is marketing to the role of running a funeral services business or more specifically how important is Online Marketing for Funeral Directors?

A quick Google search brings up a four point definition of the meaning of marketing, the final and instrumental point being:

*’Development and implementation of a promotional strategy’

Although every business is different and certainly the business of being a funeral director is more ‘different’ than most, the common denominator is the word ‘business’. We are all running businesses.

Therefore, the development and implementation of a promotional strategy is no less important for a funeral director than any other business. Just different.

 Online Marketing for Funeral Directors

For many businesses marketing is the single most challenging task that they have to deal with and for that reason often the most neglected.

Marketing calls for creativity, marketing can be costly, often money spent on marketing doesn’t appear to provide any tangible returns. No wonder it is often abandoned.

Much of marketing is now done online, that of course is where the customers are to be found. At Funeral Director Websites we understand the challenges of marketing a funeral business. We address these in our Pocket Guide to Online Marketing for Funeral Directors. The guide gives a summary of key online marketing strategies because not only do we understand the challenge, we have the answers. We know what works, where a funeral director can confidently invest time and money to gain significant returns.

Online Marketing for Funeral Directors – Creating Trust

It all comes down to your customers. How do they behave? What are they looking for and what do they engage with. Your website should be the main focus of your attention, this is your business online, i.e. the place where your customers are spending more and more time.

Our experience tells us that the more helpful you are seen to be on your website, the more trust you will create. If you give people the information they want they will engage with your brand and we have found that funeral announcements are at the top of the list of information they want.

Those announcements should first and foremost be on your website. We also know that people will look for and engage with funeral announcements on social media therefore they should be posted there too.

Once you have your website set up for funeral announcements you should set up a Facebook Business page and post announcements on there.

Setting up a Facebook Business page – Social Media Online Marketing for Funeral Directors

Many funeral directors will already have a Facebook account and many will have a Facebook Business Page. For those who need some help with setting up a Business (or Twitter) page we’ve created a Simple Social Promotion service. Get in touch for more information.

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