Pay-Per-Click Marketing for Funeral Directors – Does it Work?

Pay-Per-Click Marketing for Funeral Directors – Does it Work?

At Funeral Director Websites we make a point of advocating a natural ‘organic’ search engine optimisation strategy over Pay-Per-Click Marketing for Funeral Directors. We can’t however ignore the fact that many funeral businesses, both large and small, are using PPC to market their services. This can clearly be seen when making a Google search for funeral related services.

If you have used, if you are thinking of using or even if you’re just curious as to why funeral directors are using PPC advertising this article is for you.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing Work for Funeral Directors

In this article I will explain why we’ve recently varied our approach and collaborated with a Pay-Per-Click expert to help funeral directors who wish to use PPC to market their business. Genius Computing were recommended to us by a funeral director client who had worked with them on PPC marketing services.

I’ll discuss our thinking about Pay-Per-Click for Funeral directors and answer the broader question of ‘Does PPC Marketing Work for Funeral Directors?’

After reading this post, you will have an understanding of what PPC marketing is and if it works as a marketing tool for funeral directors. You will also be able to spot where a PPC provider may be setting unrealistic expectations when offering you  PPC marketing services.

What is PPC Marketing for Funeral Directors?


PPC stands for Pay Per Click, and it is exactly what it says on the tin! Typically, a search result page might display up to seven PPC listings that have the ‘Ad’ icon as shown above, demonstrating that they are paid for listings. Whether you are getting PPC services for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Bing, or any other site, you are not paying for a sale of a product or service but simply a click from a potential customer directed towards your content.

PPC Marketing is a great way to get an immediate increase in traffic to your content, which over time, you can modify to be more cost effective, more relevant to the prospective customer, and drive potential sales for your business. A PPC strategy can be used to increase visibility of your website along with organic search engine optimisation (SEO).

Can PPC Marketing for Funeral Directors Result in Instant Sales?

Does Pay-Per-Click Marketing Work for Funeral Directors

One of the most common misconceptions about PPC marketing is that you are guaranteed to see an immediate increase in business. This is a sales line that untrustworthy marketing companies will pursue to grab your attention and get you to sign on the dotted line without any proof of return on investment. These companies may charge a substantial fee to initially set up PPC and an ongoing high monthly fee in the knowledge that if they don’t produce the ongoing monthly results of their sales pitch, they have made healthy profits from the initial fee.

Why Have Funeral Director Websites Varied Our PPC Approach?

Funeral directors are using and being encouraged to use PPC marketing, that’s a fact. We are well placed to help you focus on value and results and establish if you are you paying for traffic without value.

There is certainly no guarantee with any PPC marketing that you will get instant / immediate sales. The only guarantee is that you will be getting an increase in traffic to your content. Because it’s possible to target searches that may not be entirely relevant to your services you could potentially pay for traffic that is not of value, i.e. if you target customers who are outside of your own area you may find that a majority of people who click through will not follow up because they were searching for a company in their town.

For these reasons you should be particularly wary of what a PPC vendor is offering to do for you. Are they charging you a lot of money for traffic and clicks that are of more value to them in terms of fees than they are to your business? PPC, in common with any advertising or marketing should be judged on Return On Investment (ROI)

Does Pay-Per-Click Marketing Work for Funeral Directors

Ongoing and Trustworthy PPC Analysis

If a PPC services company proposes a large chunk upfront, then you should be wary. Companies offering a smaller set up fee, and a reasonable monthly maintenance fee are likely to be looking to maintain a long-term relationship with you. They are more likely to be spending time each month making relevant changes to your accounts to ensure an ongoing increase in efficiency of your spend and keeping ahead of your competition.

For absolute transparency, make sure that you receive ongoing and trustworthy analysis and reporting so that you can measure your spend against increased revenue. 

Here’s a brief PPC checklist:

  • No large set up fee
  • Reasonable monthly maintenance fee – compare
  • Looking to maintain a long term relationship
  • Applying relevant changes each month based upon data
  • Prioritising efficiency of your spend
  • Ongoing and trustworthy analysis and reporting

Is PPC Marketing Appropriate for Funeral Directors?

PPC marketing can be right for anyone that is running a business that has a digital presence. In your business plan it makes sense to allocate an annual marketing budget. There are many ways that you can use this budget: website and social media content marketing including organic SEO (search engine optimisation), adverts on the radio, newspaper, flyers, PPC etc. With the ever increasing use of Google search, spending a sensible proportion of your budget on PPC marketing may be a viable option. If you are hiring a PPC company, ensure you question, compare and are happy with the results reporting aspect of their service.

Loyalty and Trust

PPC marketing for Funeral Directors is challenging compared to some other industries. Loyalty and trust are important motivators in most businesses, even more so when it comes to funerals. When the time comes to require your services, a family will often contact a company who are known to them. 



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