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Online Marketing for Funeral Directors

This short guide is for every funeral director who has ever felt a feeling of overwhelm at the challenge of how best to market his or her business online. And who wants to do it without throwing large amounts of money at the Internet wall in the hope that some of it sticks.

I touch on some technical questions but steer well clear of tech speak.

Consumers buying habits have changed and won't be going back; we are better informed about prospective purchases, we compare vendors and largely make our mind up before contacting anyone.

Implementing the basics outlined in the Pocket Guide in line with your consumers' buying habits is an opportunity too significant to ignore.

Online Marketing for Funeral Directors

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Our bite sized Pocket Guide will answer all of the questions you have about marketing your funeral business online in straightforward non tech language.

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In the guide:

  • Which Domain Name - How to choose a great domain name
  • They Ask You Answer - Answer customer questions. You'll never look back.
  • Funeral Announcements - Why you should have them on your website
  • Website Imagery - An investment worth making
  • What About Google? - How Google can help you - for free!
  • What now? Social media? - Embrace Facebook and Twitter
  • Who’s Measuring Results? - This is not like newspaper advertising. You can measure