SEO for Funeral Directors – Does it Work?

Can SEO Work for Funeral Directors in helping them to gain search engine visibility?

What is SEO? - SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of setting a web page up so that it will be found in Google searches for specific targeted search terms. The intention is that, through helpful search engine friendly information on your website, you will reach your prospective customers potentially gaining more enquiries as a result.  SEO positively affects your rankings in the search engines, and is effective in raising your online visibility.

Any funeral director can make their website more search engine friendly

On a basic level, any funeral director can make their website more search engine friendly by populating it with well written information throughout. This can be either traditional static pages, articles in a blog or a combination of both. This in itself will have value in search results which can be further enhanced with technical SEO described below.

The more 'questions' you answer on your website with well written informative articles, the more opportunities you have of being found online.

SEO for Funeral Directors – Does it Work

What is a search term?

A search term is a word or phrase that someone types into a search engine. The main search term that a funeral director generally wants to be found on would be 'funeral director [mytown]' with their town replacing the placeholder. There are however many other search terms that can effectively attract people to your business such as 'direct cremation', 'funeral plans', 'headstones' or 'horse drawn funerals' and therefore raise visibility and drive more website visitors. The list of possible search terms goes on.

Below is a search result demonstrating technical SEO working for a Funeral Director.

SEO for Funeral Directors

Factors that effect on page SEO for funeral directors

Page Title - The title of your page or article is one of the key points that will determine if Google ranks the page in searches. Your main target keyword or phrase should be included in the page title.

Meta Descriptions - The meta description is the text that Google includes as a short paragraph on the search results page. If none is explicitly added search engines will display copy from the page instead. This should be written in a way that would encourage a click from someone viewing it in the search results.

Headlines -  Appropriate headlines in the right order on a page enables both search engines and people to easily skim the headlines to see if this page is relevant and something a visitor will want to read further.

Content -  The content of the page should use the main keyword, be appealing to the reader, written to them on the topic and engaging them as soon as they land on the page. A page that features search engine optimised images or videos to capture attention will see improvements in the SEO value.

Website Speed - The page should load in under 2 seconds and crucially perform better than competitors.

Below is a list of requirements to help on page SEO work for Funeral Directors

  • Keyphrase in SEO title
  • Keyphrase in introduction
  • Keyphrase in subheading
  • SEO title width
  • Outbound links
  • Images
  • Image Keyphrase
  • Internal links
  • Keyphrase length
  • Keyphrase density
  • Keyphrase in meta description
  • Meta description length
  • Keyphrase in slug
  • Text length

Summary - SEO for Funeral Directors

Search Engine Optimisation should form a key part of any funeral directors marketing and advertising approach. Obtaining natural 'organic' rankings (as opposed to paid for) for as many of your desired search terms as possible represents a significant business achievement.

SEO can work for any funeral business in improving their online results. We have multiple examples of this approach working successfully. Please get in touch to find out more.

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