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SEO and your services - being found online. During Sept/Oct 2022, the NAFD conducted a *survey  to understand the prevalence of, approaches to and views about direct cremation among NAFD member firms.

It was found that although the majority of funeral businesses do not promote direct cremation prominently, almost half were offering direct cremations as they are becoming more popular and they don’t want to lose custom.

In speaking to funeral director's, we at Funeral Director Websites find that many are concerned about their ability to compete against the sizeable marketing budgets of national direct cremation providers.

We have an SEO for Funeral Directors solution to this dilemma that is already producing results for clients and has the potential to work in favour of independent funeral directors across the UK. By working with us to leverage the asset of your own website with a search engine optimised 'Direct Cremation' page on your website, you can ensure you have visibility in local online searches to compete against bigger competitors.

*The survey results are available to NAFD members.

Are you an independent funeral director looking to help families learn more about your services such as direct cremation, headstone memorials, pre-paid funeral plans or another specific service in your area?

Are you concerned that families don't fully understand how impersonal and remote a direct cremation funeral is when provided by national companies who advertise online and on TV?

Would you like people to understand that the best place to purchase a funeral plan is from a funeral director?

By using our SEO for Funeral Directors service and explaining specific services on your website you can increase your visibility in search engines and attract new clients.

The best way to communicate your offering is to fully leverage your most powerful and existing marketing asset - your website.

By adding such content to your website you have the potential to show up in searches, and of course that content from your website can be easily shared on social media, further extending your reach.

SEO for Funeral Directors and content marketing.
The proven approach to promoting your services.

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Call 0191 242 4894 or email to get started.

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SEO for funeral directors

'I am delighted to let you know I had another funeral come in this week who had Googled funeral directors and been impressed with our new website and Google reviews. I was delighted.' 

Nicholas Tonks

Jerrams Brothers

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What we Do - Our Technical SEO Specification

We leave nothing to chance when it comes to getting you on to page 1 of Google. We take the time to work through every one of the technical SEO elements listed below to achieve the best possible results.

  • Include Keyphrase in your SEO title
  • Include Keyphrase in article introduction
  • Include Keyphrase in subheading
  • Optimise SEO title width
  • Add outbound links to the text
  • Image keyphrase optimisation
  • Include internal links
  • Optimise keyphrase length
  • Optimise keyphrase density
  • Include keyphrase in meta description
  • Optimise meta description length
  • Include keyphrase in slug
  • Optimise text length

Examples - Search Engine Optimised for Direct Cremation

All of the funeral businesses below are now achieving page one results in Google for 'direct cremation' searches in their area.

Ashbrooke Funeral Directors

Melrose Funeral Services

Silletts Funeral Service

George Stacey Funeral Directors

F. Irving & Son

A.G. Morriss Funeral Directors

Search Engine Optimised for Headstones & Monumental Masonry

The funeral business below is now achieving page one results in Google for 'headstones' and 'monumental masonry' searches in their area.

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Ongoing SEO Monitoring

Unlike SEO agencies or we do not charge expensive ongoing monthly fees for on page SEO.

On page SEO is a one-off task, whilst it can benefit from monitoring and tweaking to improve performance there is little justification for these fees. For existing Funeral Director Websites clients we include tweaking for up to three months as required.

A three month report is available at a standard fee following the initial one-off payment per page or blog post. We achieve outstanding and affordable long term results for funeral directors with our approach.


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mark elliott

Mark Elliott Funeral Services

I just want to say Gerry that since the launch of the new website more and more families have found our details etc and we have secured more funerals etc so am very grateful to you for all your hard work and understanding etc.

Mark Elliott - Mark Elliott Funeral Services