Show That Families Trust You by Using Reviews and Testimonials

Can you Show That Families Trust You by Using Reviews and Testimonials? Online reviews are now an everyday part of life during the consumer buying journey and this applies to the funeral industry as much if not more than any other, more and more of us read online reviews before choosing a company.

This confirms an often ignored fact that buying decisions are not always driven by price. In this article we consider how Reviews and Testimonials can impact your online visibility.


Reading reviews online is an everyday part of a consumer’s buying process, positive reviews result in us trusting a local business to the point where we believe online reviews almost as much as personal recommendation. We are also more likely to visit a company’s website after reading positive reviews.

Gain Trust with Reviews and Testimonials

Online reviews are amongst the ranking factors that influence local search rankings as shown in studies by Moz and The Local SEO Guide.

A page that shows an actual customer’s review about your business will be ultimately more valuable than a page where the you business owners says you are a trustworthy company. Reviews and highlighting of a company’s reputation will impact trust, real reviews from customers will for obvious reasons build a more trustworthy feel from visitors.

More people will contact the business showing a direct relationship between reviews and the perceived trustworthiness of your business, online reviews demonstrating you as a business to be trusted. Getting online reviews is a great way to differentiate your business from your competitors and promote trustworthiness in potential new customers.

The idea of filling your website with content that helps your customers is a sound approach – as reviews help them to decide.

No matter how well prepared your website content is if you don’t gain trust you will have failed . Visitors need to trust you, they need to have confidence in your integrity before giving you their money and reviews and testimonials will help?

Testimonials will also go a long way towards gaining trust. Try to provide a first and second name, a town and even a picture to increase authenticity and search engine visibility. Testimonials can be very effective so why only incklude them on one ‘Testimonials’ page? Place testimonials on your home page and other pages to help a visitor who might potentially go no further to see them.

If your business has a Google My Business page (and if it doesn’t you should address this) ask your customers to page to leave reviews on there as those reviews will enhance your listing and you’ll also have testimonials you can include on your website.

Make gaining trust your goal for your website and see just how effective that can be.

For more help with gaining trust online for your funeral business please get in touch with Funeral Director Websites.