The 4 Step Funeral Director Website Audit

Funeral director website audit - this article and video will explain in 4 steps how you can evaluate your website.

Our funeral director website audit will help you to establish if your website is working as well as it could for your business.

Our funeral director website audit process will guide you through the steps you can take to check that you are ticking all the correct boxes online. We're going to look at all of the key areas that we focus on with our clients so that you can carry out your own website audit. We’ve made this as quick and easy as possible for you by breaking it down into four key areas that you need to check.

Firstly, branding colours and images, secondly the design of your website and the user experience (UX), next we're going to look at your website's content and finally we'll look at digital marketing; is your website really working as a marketing tool for your business?

Branding, colours and images

You should have recognisable brand colours and logo, the colours should be consistent throughout your website in such areas as backgrounds, buttons and the navigation menu. Include great quality images, preferably professionally taken photos of the people within your business. If you use stock images try to make these as unique as your can and again of top quality, the images must work well with your backgrounds and the colour scheme of your website.

Website Design and User Experience (UX)

When designing our website we need to think about the user experience, otherwise known as UX. A key factor here is the size, style and colour of fonts. For example, the text shouldn't be such a light grey that people can't read it nor so small as to be difficult to make out, also the style of the fonts shouldn’t be too thin or too fancy for people to make out on various devices. We must make it as easy as possible for our visitors to get the information they need.

If you'd like to know more about UX this article on provides a useful UK summary.

Website Content

It’s said that ‘content is king' and for good reason. People are searching online before they get in touch with you, they are asking questions of Google and they're looking for answers on your website. If you can be the one who answers those questions, then you put your business in a good place with both search engines and people.

The topics are endless; discuss what to do in the event of death, how to arrange a funeral, details of crematorium and woodland burial, bereavement support and a choice of coffins. Funeral costs are important and one of the first things people look for on a website. Funeral announcement pages always attract a lot of visitors, also popular in searches are funeral hymns and poems, memorial jewellery. These are all things that people are searching for and if you discuss them on your website then you put your business at an advantage because you're helping your visitor.

To find out why in depth content is so valuable on your website you may like to read this article answering the question 'What is Content Marketing?' on

Digital Marketing

Your website site is primarily a marketing tool. Visitors should be faced with a clear direction as soon as they arrive on your website. You should have clear ‘call to action’ assets including ‘click to call’ buttons as at least half of website visitors these days are using a mobile phone.‘Get in touch’ buttons, contact information and phone number must be visible on every page.

Search engine optimisation - Is your website naturally search engine friendly? Are the key search terms used in URLs headings and titles? All of these make a difference to your digital marketing. Consider your search engine results:

  • Have you claimed your Google My Business listing?
  • Do you have reviews on there?
  • Do you have access to Google analytics so that you can track visitor statistics to see which pages are most popular on your website and what kind of devices people are using.
  • Do you have your Facebook business page set up? Facebook represents opportunities to extend your digital footprint by being found and engaging with people.

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