How To Make Website Content Updates and Amendments

Taking Control is Easy - We're Here to Help

Funeral Director Websites clients enjoy the best of both worlds with two options for content updates on your website:

  1. If you wish to manage content updates on your website yourself you can easily do that and we'll support you every step of the way.

  2. If you would prefer a 'done for you' service that's also an option. Just email the information to us and for a small *admin fee we'll take care of it. The choice is yours.

In this article we're going to demonstrate with a series of videos how easy it is for you to take control of your website and update content yourself.

*We keep charges to an absolute minimum for our 'done for you' service. To ensure we remain a viable business who are here for our clients when they need us we do need to charge for our time.

Standardised Price List PDF

The good news is that with the Funeral Director Websites user friendly system, making changes can be quicker and easier than sending an email to request changes. You can change content such as Standardised Price List information and PDF documents easily in a matter of minutes free of charge.

We'll look at the most frequent changes, amending pricing text on your pricing page and uploading your Standardised Price List PDF as follows:

  1. How to make simple text and price updates to your web page
  2. How to save a Word document as a PDF for your Standardised Price List
  3. How to upload the new PDF to your website

Watch Our Tutorial Videos

1 - How to Make Simple Text and Price Updates

PDF Download Button (Example)

This is an example of how the final PDF download button will look and function.

Additional PDF Advice

If you are using a bespoke PDF that has been produced by your graphic designer or printer you may find that the file size is quite large.

This could potentially cause problems on your website such as slowing down page load speed with potential consequences in Google page rank.

It's recommended that you ask your designer for an optimised web version or alternatively you can optimise the PDF using an online tool such as





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