What Do Funeral Director Websites Monthly Fees Include?

We believe in complete transparency and publish our prices on our website. So, What Do Funeral Director Websites Monthly Fees Include? Funeral Director Websites have served SAIF and NAFD members and the wider funeral industry since 2003. Yes, you read that right. At the time of writing that’s 18 years of experience working with funeral directors.

Only Funeral Directors

We made the bold decision in 2017 to only accept new enquiries from funeral directors, prior to that, similar to most web design companies, we have in the past worked with businesses and charities large and small in various sectors.

The experience of helping a variety of businesses and charities with their web design and marketing has served us well, we have amassed a wealth of valuable experience.

What Do Funeral Director Websites Monthly Fees Include?

Continuous Professional Development

We continue to network and learn from some of the top marketers, web developers and graphic designers in the UK and beyond. Continuous professional development is at the core of the business.

When you work with Funeral Director Websites you are benefiting from our unique experience as well as industry leading support and standards. Please see below a summary of what we provide. We don’t believe in building a website and forgetting about it because quite simply that is bad practice. We are invested in the ongoing success of every funeral director we work with.

Funeral Director Websites Monthly Fees

  • Hosting, maintenance & licence renewals
  • Google Analytics Reports
  • Telephone support
  • Text/image updates to existing pages up to 4 times a year
  • Marketing support – up to 90 minutes of support/updates during the course of a year.
  • Once a week every Friday – The services of our developer monitoring security on your website core software, themes and plugins and updating as required.
  • Included – Premium commercial WordPress themes – annual subscription renewals to enable security and feature updates.
  • Included – Custom modules to enhance design and functionality – annual subscription to enable security and feature updates.
  • Premium website hosting – High quality UK based hosting.
  • SSL certificate to comply with encryption requirements and browser secure padlock notice.
  • Ongoing support as required
  • Performance monitoring in search engines for organic search terms providing long term value to your business

Ongoing development requests over and above standard support are welcome, we discount development rates for our clients. Please email us with your request.

If you would help with your website please feel free to get in touch with Gerry King at Funeral Director Websites.

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