What is the Best Content for a Funeral Directors Website?

What is the Best Content for a Funeral Directors Website?

In this article we will consider the optimum content that you should consider including on your website.

The suggestions and examples are based upon in depth experience of this topic however the scope for content is endless and every website will be different. Take a look at our portfolio showcase for more content inspiration.

Every Funeral Director is Unique

While there are similarities in the nature of website content, especially with the advent of regulation, every funeral business is of course unique and the individual character of that businesses content will be unique.


We continue to learn from evolving content marketing best practices and also from funeral directors. Feedback, questions and suggestions are always welcomed. Contact us.

Content Marketing

We summarise the principle of 'They Ask - You Answer' in our 2022 NFE presentation video below.

Content Format

Website content should ideally be a mix of the recognised mediums primarily text, images, video and audio. Attractive images can now be considered a must in order to promote your brand and engage visitors.

The Power of Text

The growth of other forms of media should not however devalue the power of including well formatted text content on your website.

Big Blocks of Text

Information is still king but big blocks of text are just not going to work if you want to attract and retain visitors. Information should be broken up into accessible paragraphs. By accessible I mean text that is broken up with well defined headings and images to help both people, screen readers and search engines to quickly and efficiently scan and digest the information.

Video and Audio

The addition of video will mark you apart and when done well is proven to achieve greater levels of engagement than text and images. Audio in the form of podcasts is experiencing huge growth*.

*2021 holds the record for hours spent listening to podcasts with 15 billion hours compared to 12 billion just two years ago. Source: https://www.semrush.com/blog/podcast-stats/

Video Example

Standard Content

As the funeral expert in your local area, you should ensure that you answer all of the questions that people may have. These are the same questions that you have grown accustomed to answering in person for many years, people are researching these same questions online.

Primary Website Content

On our dedicated design theme examples website, we include what we consider to be primary website content on a funeral directors website. We include draft content that can help to generate your own creativity regarding these topics. We would always encourage you to generate your own unique text that portrays your own personality.

This is just one of our design themes demonstrating a starting point for website content https://yourfuneralco.co.uk/serenity/

This demonstration website includes the following page structure:

  • Home
  • Information
    • About Us
      • Testimonials
      • SAIF/NAFD Membership
    • Arranging a Funeral
      • What to do after a death
      • Where to register a death
    • Funeral Costs
  • Funeral Announcements
  • Services
    • Coffins and Urns
    • Memorial Jewellery
  • Pre-Paid Funeral Plans
  • Contact Us


Primary Website Content

Your Chance to Stand Out

Within the pages mentioned earlier there exists an opportunity for you to create engaging content that is unique to your business.

Home Page Images

The opportunity to stand out arises the second a visitor arrives on your website by conveying an immediate strong visual impact.


Do you have a powerful brand image? Do you have an attractive high quality logo with a strong brand association carried throughout your website?

Bespoke 'People and Place' Images

You can help to 'bridge the digital gap' when a visitor lands on your Home page with a 'people' photograph, i.e. the main person or people in your business. Are you taking the opportunity to connect personally with your visitor? Can they look into the eyes of the person who they would like to care for their loved one?

Are you taking the opportunity to appeal to your visitors sense of place with images/s of a local landmark?

Branding and People

Helpful Content

About Us and Testimonials

Never underestimate the power of your About Us page, this is always a popular page for visitors and should include company history where relevant and named photos of past and present staff.

Testimonials on your website are a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your reputation.

Professional Memberships

Membership credentials and logos represent a powerful indicator to both people and search engines as a marker of your quality.

At Need Content

Under the Information tab on our demo websites we also have helpful 'at need' content, this could be considered standard however you will prioritise and present this in the unique tone of your own approach and locality.

Funeral Costs

We have always considered funeral costs on your website to be an opportunity to demonstrate transparency. Costs are one of the main reasons why people browse your website, failure to answer questions related to cost will encourage people to look elsewhere.

Standardised Price List

Of course, with the advent of the SPL pricing is a topic that is now mandatory, this should be presented in such a way that is both compliant with regulations and avoids confusing your visitors.


Standardised Price List

Coffins and Urns

Even if you prefer to concentrate only on a small number of coffins and urns that you know people prefer, including images and information will be most helpful to families when researching and planning a funeral. Always be mindful that if people are looking for this information and you don't provide it, they will look elsewhere.

Memorial Jewellery

Jewellery is increasingly popular and the inclusion of such content can often be of comfort to bereaved families. Your provider will almost certainly be able to provide you with attractive images and marketing materials to use on your website.


Memorial Jewellery

Funeral Announcements

Providing funeral announcements/notices on your website is the most powerful marketing tool any funeral business possesses. Google Analytics prove to us time after time that your local community are deeply interested and engaged with funeral notices on your website.

Third Party Funeral Notice Websites

No matter how well an external website mirrors your branding and no matter what third party providers have to say about visitor statistics, entrusting your funeral notices entirely to a third party destination is one of the biggest online mistakes you can make. The bottom line is that information about funerals you are conducting should be on your own website.

Funeral Announcements

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

The uptake of funeral plans has been growing for a number of years, recent controversy about rogue suppliers has been seriously damaging to the funeral profession. The long awaited regulation of funeral plans will ultimately restore confidence and the subsequent uptake.

The more in depth information you provide the more trust you will gain. There should be no doubt that people will research a potential funeral plan purchase before going ahead.

Your website will be a regular port of call for local people to carry out research, be sure to work closely with your funeral plan provider to ensure that your visitors find answers to their questions.

Pre Paid Funeral Plans

Additional Content

The two examples below showcasing funeral hymns and poems consistently do well in search engines therefore achieving two goals, helping the company to be found online and providing people with helpful information. Being recognised as going the extra mile to be helpful will ensure you to stand out and attract more enquiries.

Popular Funeral Hymns and Songs

Popular Hymns and Songs

Funeral Poems

Funeral Poems

Blog Articles

Having a blog on your website represents the ultimate 'content marketing' approach for any business. By recognising your website as a business asset that has the potential to drive enquiries you can multiply your return on investment. We would recommend that any funeral business who is serious about their online presence should write and publish on their website at least one article every month.

Blog Articles

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