Why Should I Trust a SAIF – NAFD Member with My Website?

The Web Design industry is fragmented and unregulated which doesn’t help when a SAIF or NAFD member is deciding who to trust with their company website design.

Broadly speaking there are three options when procuring a supplier:

  1. A local web design company
  2. A multi-national such as Yell (Hibu) or BT
  3. A SAIF Associate Member


A Local Web Design Company

Unless you’ve actually worked with a particular local web design company previously this may be a risky option. As with working with any supplier if you, the SAIF member, have no experience of the standards employed by the local supplier then you will be taking a risk.

Standards in web design are wildly inconsistent, unfortunately unless you have technical knowledge and experience you will be blissfully unaware of what actually comprises best practices. Technical considerations such as search engine optimisation and web accessibility, security as in SSL certificates, website hosting, back up’s and software updates are not items you should take for granted.

There are many suppliers who pay scant regard to these and countless other best practices being happy to cut corners in the quest for short term profit margins.

A Multi-National Such as Yell or BT Web Design

Traditionally funeral directors in common with most local companies relied heavily upon Yellow Pages printed directories to advertise their business. Those suppliers have gradually seen their market all but disappear with the advent of the Internet and the move away from print. So they have re-invented themselves as online businesses.

It does seen counter intuitive that a SAIF member who prides himself on the USP of being an independent business who is able to provide a long term personal and attentive service should choose to work with a provider who is at odds with those values. Very often the reason behind that decision lies with the relentless hard sell approach of those suppliers.

A SAIF Associate Member

Any company who chooses to subject themselves to the membership application scrutiny and the ongoing costs and commitment of a trade association such as SAIF are clearly taking a long term view. Funeral Director Websites are such a company. As members of SAIF since 2011 we have increasingly immersed ourselves in the industry since our company formation as a general web design agency in 2003.

As a member of a trade association everything you do is underpinned by the knowledge that you are trading 100% on your reputation. Reputation within the realms of a trade association is hard won and easily lost. Best practice and high standards of service are non negotiable providing member companies with the strongest clue possible as to where their best interests lie when choosing a supplier.

To find out more about working with SAIF Associate Member Funeral Director Websites please browse our website or speak to us through our live chat. We look forward to hearing from you.

Find out more about SAIF Associate Members on the SAIF website.